Clinical Ink Acquires Digital Artefacts

Powering the Convergence of Digital Endpoints and Outcome Assessments

HORSHAM, Pa.; Nov. 8, 2021 – Clinical Ink — a global clinical trial data and technology company and leader in eSource and decentralized clinical trial conduct — today announced its acquisition of Digital Artefacts, a digital endpoint-based technology company with an unrivaled modular platform for complex cognitive, behavioral, and physiological data capture.

How BrainBaseline Deploys Voice Tasks in Clinical Trials

Adding voice analysis to the BrainBaseline platform

“Voice tasks can be thought of as a window by which one can see functionality of the human body that is not obvious by just looking at someone.

How BrainBaseline Deploys Apple Wearables in Clinical Trials

Adding movement data to the BrainBaseline platform

As new mobile and wearable technology continue to emerge, so do more objective methods and tools to measure patients and clinical trial participants.

BrainBaseline in Movement Disorder Studies

Remote & clinically validated digital measurement

Measuring the symptoms of movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological condition that affects the use of muscles (Mandal 2019), has always been challenging.

Rim-to-Rim Watch Studies

Researching cognitive function in extreme conditions

In the past decade, the technological possibilities with and ubiquity of consumer-grade wearables (or commercial off the shelf “COTS” devices) has drastically increased.

Dr. Leah Rubin and BRACE

HIV Research Partnership

We recently sat down (virtually) with Dr. Leah Rubin from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to discuss her work with BrainBaseline and BRACE (BrainBaseline Assessment of Cognition & Everyday Functioning) as well as her poster presentation at the AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference.

ReFLECT Studies

Researching cognitive function in breast cancer survivors

Cognitive impairment is increasingly recognized as a major side effect of cancer and its treatment.

Getting started with BrainBaseline Lab

A step-by-step guide

BrainBaseline Lab is an iPad application that allows researchers and clinicians to configure a full neurocognitive battery.

Introduction to BrainBaseline Lab

Self-serve cognitive testing

BrainBaseline has enabled the self-administration of fully-digitized cognitive tests for over a decade.