BrainBaseline Lab is an iPad application that allows researchers and clinicians to configure a full neurocognitive battery. Learn more about BrainBaseline Lab and how to subscribe in our Introduction to BrainBaseline Lab article.

To create an account, develop and run a BrainBaseline Lab study, as well as retrieve study data, follow these seven steps.

1. Create a BrainBaseline Lab account on the website

  • Go to the BrainBaseline Lab website and select the “Try It Now For Free” button to create an account.
  • Once you create an account, you will receive an email to confirm your email address.
  • After you have confirmed your email address, log into BrainBaseline Lab.

2. Create a study on the website

  • To get started, select “Create a New Study” in the upper right of the My Studies page.
    • First, name your study.
    • Next, select the number of subjects for your study.
    • Then, begin to add sessions with the “Add a Session” button at the bottom of the page.
  • For each session you will need to decide on the testing protocol. This involves selecting if the tests are given in a random or fixed order and if the practice tests are required or skippable. After you indicate the protocol of the session, you can add tests to the session by selecting the “Add” button on their right.
  • Within the app learn more about each test by selecting its icon or see the list of cognitive tests currently available on the BrainBaseline website.
  • Once you have finished creating all of your sessions, select the “Finish Study Configuration” button.

3. Download needed study materials on the website

  • Once you have created a study it will be visible on the “My Studies” page of the website.
    • Select the study to see a dropdown with more information about it.
    • Select the “View Details” button to go to that study’s page.
    • On that study’s page the “Download Study Materials” button will give you a CSV file that has all of the study’s Subject IDs and Pincodes. Distribute the correct corresponding pincode to your subjects so that they are able to securely login to the app.

4. Download the BrainBaseline Lab app on the iPad

  • Go to the App Store app on your iPad and search for BrainBaseline Lab.
  • Download the app and login using the email address and password you used on the BrainBaseline Lab website.

5. Download your study on the iPad

  • In the BrainBaseline Lab app on your iPad select a study on the available study list on the left, and download it using the “Download Study” button in the lower right.
  • Once your study is downloaded, start it by using the “Begin Study” button in the lower right.

6. Run your study on the iPad

  • On the “Session Setup” screen of the iPad app, enter the Subject ID from the CSV file you downloaded from the BrainBaseline Lab website and select which session you would like the subject to complete.
  • Then, select the “Begin Session” button at the bottom.
  • The iPad is now ready to hand to the subject, who will enter their Pincode from the CSV file to start the session.

7. Retrieve your study data on the website

  • Go to the BrainBaseline Lab website and on the “My Studies” page select the study that you want to retrieve data for.
  • Select the “Download Study Results” button. Each time you download data it will be all of the data for the study, not just new data. You will receive a ZIP file that contains CSV files for each test as well as a CSV file with general information about your study.

Beyond BrainBaseline Lab

The team at BrainBaseline offers additional solutions, including customized mobile apps that assess and engage study participants, all while securely managing their data. Contact us to learn more.