BrainBaseline has enabled the self-administration of fully-digitized cognitive tests for over a decade. In 2016, we created BrainBaseline Lab, the first iPad app that allows researchers and clinicians to configure a full neurocognitive battery in 10 minutes or less.

BrainBaseline Lab is built to make your job as easy as possible. Instead of needing to extensively train clinicians, or to spend hours with a single subject, you can hand a subject an iPad with BrainBaseline Lab queued up and the subject can self-administer a variety of cognitive tests.

A single iPad can be used to administer an entire study, or multiple iPads can have the same study downloaded onto them. All of the data is gathered, transferred, and stored in a HIPAA and GCP-compliant manner.

Configure a clinical study from the palm of your hand. Welcome to your new lab.

Why use BrainBaseline Lab?

Expansive Cognitive Testing Library

Choose from classic attention, memory, and executive function tasks adapted for use on the iPad.

Easy Test Administration

Configure and manage your study using only your iPad. Our study customization tool allows you to develop and run your study, reducing the time and effort associated with even the most complex protocols.

Instant Data Access

Tests are configured to score and pre-process scores, providing instant performance feedback.

Secure Data Handling and Transfer

All data are transmitted wirelessly to a dedicated HIPAA-compliant cloud server, and can be accessed via tablet or web portal.

Subscribe to BrainBaseline Lab

This tool allows you to test BrainBaseline Lab with no risk. If you would like to use it further–for more than 5 subjects, or on more than 1 active project–we offer both a monthly or an annual subscription:

Subscription Type Price Active Projects Subjects per Project Tests Included
Trial Free 1 5 10
1 Month $59.99 3 100 100
1 Year $599.99 3 100 500

After your initial subscription, additional test packs can be purchased through the app.

Test Pack 50 – $49.99

Test Pack 250 – $249.99

Test Pack 500 – $499.99

Once you have started a trial or subscribe, be sure to review Getting started with BrainBaseline Lab.

Beyond BrainBaseline Lab

The team at BrainBaseline offers additional solutions, including customized mobile apps that assess and engage study participants, all while securely managing their data. Contact us to learn more.