Mobile medical research transformed.

BrainBaseline is a secure, cost-effective, and customizable assessment and digital health platform that will streamline your observational and clinical research by collecting accurate data from your patients in clinic and remotely.

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Use the best tools for your research.

Our comprehensive suite of digital health instruments built for mobile and wearable devices are designed to increase the accuracy of study endpoints at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Cognitive Testing


Mobile Surveys


Secure Messaging

Internet of Things

Our process adapts to your study needs.

Conceptual Design - We work with your team to develop user stories, define protocol and develop project estimate.

Design - Study and app design sprints with our team of UX designers, engineers, and scientists. Iterate based on user and client feedback.

Development - Our team of engineers builds the app and embedded study protocols.

Deployment - We help you deploy your study and help you manage your resources.

Maintenance - We make sure your study is running for as long as you need it.

Data Analysis - We provide machine learning and modeling, and data analysis support.

Volume discounting.

Transparent pricing - costs are itemized up-front.

Pay for what you need - only pay for what we do and licensing.

Ship Faster

On average, our team designs, develops and deploys custom study protocols in under 3 months.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated technical and scientific support will ensure your study is successful.

Device Management

Our platform and personnel can help you keep track of and manage your devices in the field.

Access your data easily and securely.

Our HiPAA-compliant platform prioritizes security and meets statutory and ethical requirements for patient data privacy, and we also provide secure, intuitive web and mobile applications for easy access to your data.

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