The Visual Search Test

What is it?

Visual Search measures how well you can search for specific items in a cluttered scene. A number of red and green boxes will appear on the screen, and all of the boxes will have small chunks taken out of them. Your task is to find the green box with a gap in the top or bottom and report which side contains the gap. Sometimes the search more difficult than others, but your task will never change—find the green box. If the gap is in the top of the green box, press the TOP button, and if the gap is in the bottom of the green box, press the BOTTOM button.

What does it measure?

Visual Search measures an important subset of your attention function, how quickly you can find and identify basic visual information. The test will introduce varying amounts of background distraction “noise” to confuse you. Attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on specific aspects of the environment while ignoring others. Attention is important for things like finding a friend's face in a crowd, or noticing another vehicle when merging onto a highway.

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