The Trails A&B Test

What is it?

Trails is actually two tests and it is a lot like connect the dots—it measures how quickly you can search for information in space. You will have to use your finger to connect numbered circles in ascending order as quickly as possible. Start at the circle marked BEGIN, and connect the dots until you reach the circle marked END. You won’t be able to lift your finger, hence the name of the game: Trails.

In the second game, you’ll still be connecting the dots, but this time, you’ll alternate between letters and numbers, in order (for example 1-A-2-B…etc.)

What does it measure?

Trails tests your attention and executive functions. In the first test, you’ll need to find the next number in a sea of other numbers and draw a line to it. In the second, your executive functions are added to the mix, as you have to flip between finding letters and numbers. Switching between tasks and sifting through all of the information on the screen without lifting you finger helps BrainBaseline to measure how well your brain can handle tasks that involve attending to multiple streams of information and thinking at once.

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