The Digit Span Test

What is it?

In Digit Span, you will see a series of digits presented in a box at the top of the screen and your task will be to remember these numbers in sequence. After a brief period of time, the numbers will disappear and you will key in your response. For example, if you saw the string of digits “28659”, you would enter “28659” with the keypad and hit “OK.” The digit strings will increase in length with each trial and you will continue the task until you make a mistake.

What does it measure?

This test measures your verbal working memory ability. Working memory is the ability of your brain to “hold on” to information that you need to complete complex tasks. Verbal information is digits, letters, words, etc.. Your verbal working memory, then, is not just whether you can “remember” a number, but how well you can store it in your brain and pull it back up for use.

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