The Attentional Blink Test

What is it?

Blink measures the attention functions of a user’s brain. A rapid stream of letters is presented on the iPad’s screen. You are asked to identify a particular “target” letter. After the stream finishes, you tell BrainBaseline which letters you saw. However, it isn’t just a matter of picking out one letter over and over – pretty soon, you’ll be asked to pick out two! The science happens between the first and second letters and how the first letter’s detection interferes with your ability to find the second. The amount that these two letter searches interfere with each other helps BrainBaseline to measure your attention function.

What does it measure?

Blink is testing your attention function—that’s your ability to pick important pieces of information out of the “noise” of everyday life. Our world is a constant stream of information: countless sounds, images, and other stimuli bombard us every second of our waking life. Being able to sort out the important information from the useless information is a major part of healthy cognition. Blink, by measuring how well you can pick out a specific letter that is surrounded by other “noise” letters, tests your attention.

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