BrainBaseline isn’t brain training, but brain assessment. With BrainBaseline’s cognitive testing platform, you can accurately measure how your brain is doing now, and track your progress overtime. Are you trying a new exercise regimen and want to see it’s effect on your brain health? BrainBaseline will help you chart a course towards brain wellness.

Personalized Brain Assessment
BrainBaseline offers a measure of how well your brain is working compared to people just like you. Unlike other tests, BrainBaseline takes into account who you are and gives you a personalized picture.
Normalized & Accurate Scoring
With BrainBaseline’s secure database and sophisticated norming algorithm, the application will instantly provide you a score that accurately reflects your current state of brain wellness.
Multifaceted Brain Wellness
Genetic and demographics factors as well as mental and physical health are all interconnected. BrainBaseline is the only application that considers these other data points when providing you a complete picture of you cognitive health.
Real Science, Real Results
BrainBaseline is an adapted neurocognitive testing battery based on the pen and paper tests neuroscientists have been using in their research labs for decades. It’s so accurate, BrainBaseline is a leading tool for neuroscience research.

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