Bring the power of wearable devices to your study.

Wearable and remote sensing technologies can be integrated into the BrainBaseline platform to access physical and cognitive clinical endpoints both actively and passively.

Apple Watch Tasks

Physical tasks directed through intuitive Apple Watch instructions.

Easy to use and built for accessibility, BrainBaseline's motor tasks can help you measure numerous clinical endpoints and cognitive domains that aren't available to traditional assessments.

Coupling the iPhone with remote sensors and the Apple Watch provides a seamless patient experience where all tasks are integrated around a simple, singular app.

Mobile app as a hub.

Patient initiates Apple Watch tasks from their iPhone as they would any other task.

Complete tasks through Apple Watch.

Effortless hand off allows the user to complete physical tasks using intuitive Apple Watch commands and prompts.

Motor Tasks



Time Estimation

Motor Function



Fine Motor Function

Verbal Phonation

Passive Tracking and Monitoring

Passively track and measure your patients in their everyday lives.

Collect data in situations that would be impossible without modern wearable technology. In situ monitoring allows your study to collect actionable and clinically accurate endpoints of your patients going about their everyday lives or engaging in particular activities.

Outcome Data We Have Captured

The BrainBaseline platform has been used to access data from several different remote sensing devices for a number of clinical endpoints and outcomes.



Blood Pressure

Physical Activity

Heart Rate


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