Easy and secure data handling.

The BrainBaseline platform balances powerful study and data management tools with the regulatory and privacy needs of a modern medical app platform.

Effortless study management through customizable clinical dashboards.

Manage all aspects of your study through intuitive and customizable dashboards. Our past experiences have given us the know how to provide you with the essential features you need for study management, but we can also customize your experience if need that's needed.

Manage Personnel

Great studies require personnel management - our apps help you manage the individuals running your study.

Manage Patients

Our apps allow you to easily manage your patients, set their schedules, and add new subjects as you go.

Real Time Updates

Access the real-time status of every aspect of your study including your patients, personnel and data.

Get your data how and when you want it.

We provide up-to-date reporting in any format that you may need through both our dashboards and on-demand through our technical support. We also have professional scientific staff that can help you process or understand your data.

Dynamic Scoring

Data is scored based on the baselines set by our existing data set of millions of use cases and your own data.

On-Demand API

If you have your own software you want to integrate with, we can on-demand provide an API to integrate with.

EMR Compatible

Our data can both process data from and also send data to different EMR/EHR formats on request.

Patient privacy and security comes first.

Our platform is compliant with the data security requirements of HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11. Your data can be can be easily and securely accessed via web portal in any number of EMR and EDC compatible formats.

Physical safeguards through Amazon Web Services and guaranteed by a BAA.

Personally Identifiable Information is logically separated from data.

User authentication with robust security protections required throughout platform.

Protected health information is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Takes advantage of security protocols built in the iOS platform.

Segregated data tables for FDA compliance.

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