A comprehensive toolbox for digital health.

The BrainBaseline platform is the most advanced and expansive suite of Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments (eCOA) in medical research.

Cognitive Testing

We pioneered self-administered mobile cognitive assessments.

Since 2010, BrainBaseline’s mobile cognitive assessments have been used over a million times to measure cognition for healthcare and neuroscience research. With over 50 cognitive assessments, BrainBaseline can be used to test a range of cognitive functions and clinical endpoints.

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Advantages of BrainBaseline’s Mobile-First Platform

Target new endpoints

Continuous monitoring and remote notifications give you access to digital endpoints that are not possible through lab-based monitoring. Wearables and mobile phones provide you detailed data about the daily lives of your patients.

Population targeting

Focus on patient populations best suited for particular trials or research. The convenience and mobility of the BrainBaseline platform allows your trials to be more streamlined, with faster timelines and smaller, yet more specific, sample sizes.

Reduce overhead & errors

BrainBaseline assessments can be deployed and managed remotely through secure on-device notifications and email campaigns. Automation and on-time management reduces human error so you can focus your study, not management.

Mobile Surveys

Gather patient-reported data easily.

Our versatile set of patient-reported (ePRO) instruments makes life easier for your patients with context-sensitive and conversational surveys, guaranteeing you better data. Easily access that data through our secure cloud-based reporting tools.

Voice/sound recording

Set your instructions and parameters for a voice recording and patient’s can record their voice.

Survey Instruments

Multiple choice, Likert scale, open-ended, and many other question-types are supported.

Medication intake

Set reminders for your patients to report their medication usage at or right after they take a dose.


We can help translate and set up localization protocols for your survey instruments.

Easy Data Analysis

Scoring and processing patient-reported data can be easily done in whatever format you need.

Wearables and Internet of Things

Leverage Wearable Technology

Our battery of physical task activities allow you to measure numerous clinical outcomes using intuitive directed physical tasks. Our platform can also be used to unobtrusively and passively retrieve important clinical data through the patient’s mobile phone or wearable device and track patient activity over an extended period of time.

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Scheduling, Secure Messaging, and Gamification

Keep your patient's engaged.

Patient engagement is essential to retention and adherence. The BrainBaseline platform has numerous features for keeping your patient’s engaged including in-app notifications, email or SMS based notifications, secure messaging, and gamified user elements.

Scheduling through notifications.

In-App notifications, email messages, and SMS enable us to notify the patient of an action they must take.

Securely send messages to patients.

Easily talk to your patients! Our platform supports secure messaging between the patient and your staff.

Gamify your patient experience.

In-app rewards and competitions can keep your patients engaged with content over time.

Privacy Prioritized

Notifications will never have personal information or will provide embarassment to the patient. >

Accessibility First

Our apps are designed for everyone. We provide support for people with any number of conditions.

User Analytics

In-app user analytics can give you actionable insights on your study’s performance.

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